Z Ghassemlooy - Communication Systems Lecture Notes Power Points + PDF Files

  Analogue Communications

         Angle Modulation - Power points

   Tutorial + Solutions

  Digital Communications - Matlab Case Studies - PDF Files

  Modelling of a Baseband Data Transmission

  Software Simulation Techniques for Teaching Communications Systems

  Mobile Communications

         Lecture Notes - PDF Files

  Part 1 - Introduction & Principales - PP - PDF 

  Part 2- Cellular Concept - PP - PDF                 

  Part 3- Traffic Engineering - PP - PDF                 

  Part 4- Propagation Characteristics - Channel Modelling - PP - PDF                 

  Part 5- Propagation Characteristics - Multipath Fading - PP - PDF                 

  Part 6- Modulation Techniques

  Part 7- Multiplexing PP - PDF

  Part 8- Optical Wireless Communications PP

  Optical Communications

         Lecture Notes


   Nature of Light & Light Propagation PP

  Light Sources

  Detectors and Receiver

  Components PP - PDF

  Optical Amplifier PP - PDF

  Optical Switches PP - PDF


         Tutorials + Solutions: (Tutorial questions are from the following books (with permission: J M Senior, Optical Fibre Communications - Prienciple and Practice, Prentic-Hall; - J C Palais, Fibre Optic Communications, Prentice-Hall; - G Keiser, Optical Fibre Communicationsm McGraw-Hill; - J Gowar, Optical Communications, Prentice-Hall)

  Transmission Lines


  An Introduction - PDF File

  Matlab Essentials